Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting Changes! :)

I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know about some exciting changes that are going to be happening with My Little Pixies in the next couple of weeks. I am getting ready to launch my own website! You can check it out at It's just a skeleton site right now as I'm planning to work on putting all the listings together while I'm away this week. I invested in a wonderful design company called Creative Cottage, who walked me through the entire process and customized my new site to my specifications and requests. I am confident that this is going to be a wonderful move for my business! 

Etsy has been a fantastic springboard for getting started, and I intend to maintain a presence as part of that fabulous community. However, I am going to reduce the number of listings in my Etsy shop to somewhere around 100 of my top items, and I will rotate them seasonally., on the other hand, will have listings for everything I make, and you will find that browsing the listings is significantly easier on the new site because everything will be categorized in a more organized fashion since I'm no longer limited to just 10 categories. There will also be a link to a custom order form where you'll be able to plug in information on custom requests and link (or maybe even upload if we can get it to work right!) to pictures of outfits you'd like something made to match. :) 

Best of all, for me, being on my "own" website will cut down significantly on the amount of time I have to spend on upkeep- thus giving me more time to be a mom! I won't have to re-list items every time they sell, and if you want to purchase multiples of a particular item (or just 1 of something that I usually do as a pair), you'll be able to do it simply by choosing from a drop-down menu.

Payment on the new site will be easy, via Paypal account or credit/debit card. No sign-in required, no profiles, no shared information. Simple. :)

And, best of all for YOU, I am going to be running a site-wide FREE SHIPPING special with no minimum purchase to celebrate the grand opening. Consider this fair warning. :) I am anticipating my official start-date (and the date of the grand opening special) at the new shop to be Monday, April 4, though items will begin to be available there sooner as I start to get my listings set up. 

All-in-all, this is a really exciting transition for me. It makes me feel like a "real" business to have my "own" website, and I just feel very grateful for the many people who have contributed to making this dream become a reality for me. :) Stay tuned for further updates!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winner Announced: Pair of Nora Bows in YOUR CHOICE of colors!

Congratulations to Christine Dykstra, this week's winner! Please email me at with your address and color selections for your free pair of Nora Bows! Thanks to all for playing!

In honor of the Nora Bow's feature week, I have decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on my discounted listing for 10 Nora Bows listed here. Choose any 10 Nora Bows for the price of 9, and today only, they will be shipped for free! It's a great opportunity to try something new. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Giveaway: Pair of Nora Bows- Your Choice of Colors

If you've been following my Facebook site this week, you'll know that I've recently been working on a new "luxury" line of headbands. They're gorgeous and they're special and really elegant and maybe the most beautiful thing I've ever seen my hands make. But of course, they're costly in terms of time invested and materials... so they're not exactly what I'd call economical. :) When I get seized with a new idea, I often pursue it with great intensity and passion (my family can witness to this in the last year of starting a new business!)- but have to consciously remind myself about balance. So this week's post is about balance.

I never intended My Little Pixies to become a high-end brand that no average person could afford. For me it's always been about just getting to share beautiful things and ideas with the "world" at a reasonable price. So that's why the "luxury" items are just a part of my shop and not the whole thing. And this week's giveaway is for one of my favorite "everyday" items that anyone can afford and enjoy. This is the Nora Bow, my "signature" pigtail and basic bow, available at $5 pair, or $22.50 for 10 (buy 9, get 1 free).

This week, enter to win a Pair of my signature Nora Bows in the colors(s) of your choice!

This my Nora, last summer, wearing one of the "Nora Bows" I created for her when she was little and needed just a little something to pull her bangs away from her face. Nora's features are so small and delicate that a big accessory would have overwhelmed her. Plus, I needed to find a good basic pigtail bow and couldn't find what I was looking for elsewhere, so I made it up. I fell in love with all the hundreds of color combinations I could use.

Nora Bows can be solid.

Or with dots.

Or with stripes.

Or in many different patterns (just ask me for choices!)

They can have knotted centers.

Or button centers.

And this week you can enter to win your choice of a pair of Nora Bows (or two singles!) made just for your sweetie in the colors and style you choose!

To enter:
1.  Leave me a COMMENT, either here on the blog or on my Facebook site. Tell me what color you'd choose! :)
2. SHARE with friends- via email, blogs, Facebook, twitter, whatever- and tell me you did it.

Check back Wednesday morning when I'll announce the winner!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Winner Announced: Owl Clip Giveaway

Congratulations to entry #38, Sarah Potter! You have won your choice of owl clips in this week's giveaway! Email me with your choice and address at Here are the choices again:
Pink and Brown
Green and Pink
Pink and Purple

Or, if you prefer, I do have a pink on pink that I will hopefully be putting together today. :)

Thank you all for participating, and for the growing number of "followers" that are joining this blog and my Facebook page. I really love having a community to share my love and creative energy with!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Giveaway: Owl Clip- Your Choice of Colors

This week's giveaway is for a felt owl clippie, like sweet 4-year-old Amelia is wearing. :) These clips are so much fun! They come in several colors including: 

Plus, they're now available in a dark and light pink design (no picture available yet). This week's giveaway is for your choice of any of the available owl clip colors. Here's how to enter to win:
1. Leave me a COMMENT, either here or on my Facebook page
2. Share with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, or blogs if you'd like an extra entry (and be sure to tell me you shared)
3. Check back on Wednesday morning, when I will post a randomly selected winner!

Good luck!

And Thanks, POSH Photography for the great photos- if you're in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, you HAVE to check out POSH for your own special photos! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WINNER announced for St. Patrick's Giveaway

Congratulations to Becca Holt! You win your choice of St Patrick's Day accessories! :) Please email me at to claim your prize! :)
Here are the choices:

Thanks for all the great participation this week, friends! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Giveaway Monday: St. Patrick's Day Clip- YOUR CHOICE!

This week's giveaway is for YOUR CHOICE of St. Patrick's Day clips! Enter to win by commenting below or on my Facebook page (share for an extra entry and be sure to tell me you shared)- and on Wednesday morning, a random winner will be selected for his or her choice of any of the following three clips or clip sets. The choices are...
Lucky Shamrocks bitty butterfly bow.
Felt clover clip with gold beads in the center.

To Enter:
1. Comment, below or on my Facebook page. Please leave an email address where I can contact you if you win!
2. Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, etc. for an extra entry- and tell me you did
3. Check back on Wednesday morning, when I'll announce the winner!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winner Announced: Large Spring Tea Party Pixie Posy

Congratulations to Entry #58, Heather Oosterbaan-Buiter, this week's randomly selected winner! Heather, please email me at with your address and I will send you your prize!

Thank you all for participating, and stay tuned next week for another giveaway to be announced on Monday! :) If you are interested in this posy, follow this link to see my Etsy listing for this item! :)