Friday, November 11, 2011

Hurrah For Winners! :)

Thanks to the wonderful family across the street, I was able to get a couple kid-free hours to tabulate entries and go through the random selection process to determine winners for my 14 vendors! Whew, lots of work! I'm kinda glad I didn't get to my original goal of 20 to 30 vendors or I'd be up all night working on it! :)

Without further ado, here are the winners. The vendors have all been contacted (by me) and they should be contacting you soon! :) Congratulations to all 14 of you! :) And I'm planning on being back in the giveaway business myself next week! :)

  • TZ Burps: Rebekah Melching
  • Guguberry: Stacey Schaap VanderBent 
  • Petunias: Katie VanLieshout
  • Polka Dot Babe: Lisa Williams 
  • Raggedy Baby: Desiree Crocker
  • Lia Sophia by Heather: Melissa Kaiser 
  • Kristi’s Boutique: Meghan Catalano
  • Serene Images: Kelly Meeuwsen 
  • Abbie’s Bow Creations: Tracy Jo Bohen: 
  • So Sarah: Sarah Ahrendsen Stedman
  • EverLaughter: Mallory Castille
  • Banana Pies: Missy Kluesner: 
  • Handmade By Me 4 U: Angie Coombs
  • Scentsy by Ashley: Theresa Heethuis

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