Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Giveaway- Pink Polka Dot Shabby Flower Headband

This week's popular choice for the giveaway was pretty clear. :) This fun pink shabby flower with little green leaves on a fuchsia headband won the popular vote on my Facebook page, so that's the item I'll be giving away this week. :)
One of the things I love most about making bows is continually improvising and finding new ways to do things and new styles to try, and this flower is one that I simply fell in love with. This "need" to continually create is one of the things that makes me glad that I do this because I love it and not just to pay the bills. Of course it's always nice have a little for the extras in life... but it's a wonderful gift to be able to just have a hobby that pays for itself, and I find myself so much happier and more well-adjusted when I can remember that that's why I'm doing it. Making new things every day makes me feel like I'm staying in touch with the creative drive behind why I went into this in the first place, so that's one reason why you'll always see me doing something new!

Anyway, because I love my stuff so much and it represents such an investment of the heart to me, I love giving it away- it really isn't even about boosting sales or gaining fans- I just like to share it. :) It truly gives me joy each week to be able to send free stuff to someone who might not ever be inspired to buy it from some stranger who lives in Michigan... but who would love it all the same. And in the economy we all live in these days, a little something for free is never a bad thing. :)

So, there's a little background for those of you who are new to my weekly giveaway games. And now, for the usual instructions on how to enter:
1. COMMENT- either here or on my Facebook page  so I know you want to enter. If you comment here, please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!
2. SHARE with friends via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, whatever, and tell me you did for an extra entry. Or you can PIN IT on for credit for sharing.
3. TRY: if you're on my list of people who've made a purchase from my shop since my last giveaway (so that would be from Wednesday August 10 through Wednesday August 17), you get two extra entries as a special bonus if you choose to enter the contest- plus, IF your order hasn't shipped when the giveaway posts, I will refund your shipping charges if you win!
4. CHECK BACK Wednesday morning, when I will post the results of the giveaway! I will post the winner on Facebook and this blog, and the winner will have 24 hours to contact me to claim the prize. If the winner does not come forward, I will continue selecting numbers until a winner is confirmed.


  1. I love this flower! It's gorgeous!

  2. Love this new style!!

  3. I love this... it's one of my favorites you have posted!

  4. Kimberly katimbo@msn.comAugust 15, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    I totally looove this!!!

    Shared on faebook also....

  5. So cute! Looks like moms could wear this!

  6. love it.