Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Giveaway- The Princess and Her Carriage Clip Set

This week, I've been thinking PRINCESS a lot, since, of course, I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and I hear about them constantly... but also because I just bought airplane tickets for our upcoming (very first!) trip to Disney World! So this week's giveaway is in line with that theme.
This is the Princess and her Carriage clip set  which has one Princess clip and one Carriage clip. So cute and fun for mismatched pigtails! I've never seen anything else quite like this, so these are so unique and fun and different.
My favorite thing about the Princesses is that they are available in ethnicities to represent the wondrous variety with which God has created the people of this world. 
You can choose a princess to match your princess: medium-dark skin, dark-skin, Asian features, light skin with brown, orange, yellow, or black hair. There's something for everyone here.
Plus, the carriage is just plain CUTE!
Either clip is also available separately from or from my Etsy shop.

So, if you want to win your own set of Princess and Carriage clips (one of each! :)), here's how to enter:
1. COMMENT- either here or on my Facebook page  so I know you want to enter. If you comment here, please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!
2. SHARE with friends via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, whatever, and tell me you did for an extra entry. Or you can PIN IT on for credit for sharing.
3. TRY: if you're on my list of people who've made a purchase from my shop since my last giveaway (so that would be from Wednesday July 27 through Wednesday August 3), you get two extra entries as a special bonus if you choose to enter the contest- plus, IF your order hasn't shipped when the giveaway posts, I will refund your shipping charges if you win!
4. CHECK BACK Wednesday morning, when I will post the results of the giveaway! I will post the winner on Facebook and this blog, and the winner will have 24 hours to contact me to claim the prize. If the winner does not come forward, I will continue selecting numbers until a winner is confirmed.

Good luck! Thanks for playing!


  1. Kimberly katimbo@msn.comAugust 1, 2011 at 5:21 AM

    Adorable as always!!!!

    I shared on fb also

  2. Love the princess and carriage!!!

  3. LOVE these. Melissa French referred me to you and you have exactly what I am looking for. You will be getting my order soon. My email is

  4. Super cute! Would love to win!! :)

  5. I would love to win this clip set! & Your going to love disney! We are planning our next trip!

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