Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anniversary Week Giveaways: Day Four: Butterflies!

*Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for all your wonderful participation and encouragement this week. I have spent a ton of time trying to be sure that everything is fair and everyone has a chance to win- and it bothers me probably more than it should that I can't let everyone win, even though I know that many would like to and are disappointed when they don't! I hope you have all enjoyed playing, even though not everyone can win!*

Today's giveaway celebrates one of my favorite types of clips to make and for my girls to wear- butterflies! They have become a sort of staple in my shop over the past year, and there are so many ways to wear them that I thought they deserved their own "day" today. :)

Here is the gift package that will be given to one lucky winner today (total value $37)!
 It includes...
 A pair of small butterfly bows in "Wild Berries." I love this color scheme for the summer and that initial transition to fall (clothing companies are already launching their fall lines! eek! I'm behind!)
 A crocheted butterfly headband in red, white, and blue- these butterfly headbands are SO sweet on little heads- so comfy and I have so many different colors; I keep meaning to put a newborn "set" together with them! This one will be perfect for a little 4th of July baby- and even if you don't have one yourself, chances are you know one! :)
 The "original" Butterfly Bow in White and Pixie Pink. This was the very first color combination I tried that day about a year ago when I tried out an idea I found, and discovered how much I LOVE butterfly bows!
 A new, funky pattern that I JUST received last week- TIE DYE! So fun and bright in a rainbow of colors- I love how it came together in the butterfly.

A butterfly bow and headband set in silver and pink damask print. I fell in love with these specially printed elastics and bought up a ton of it because I think the subtle pattern really makes headbands look so pretty! And I like the silver in the butterfly for a bit of shimmer. :)

A set of two little butterfly snap clips in bright green and blue- perfect for that "just barely there" sort of hair.

So see, there's something here for everyone!

Here's how you enter: PLEASE pay special attention to the one required entry method- I will not be counting "likes" tonight, so please leave a comment if you want to be entered.
1. COMMENT, either on my blog, or on the album posted on Facebook (this is REQUIRED so I can find you if you win); if you enter on the blog, please leave an email address.
2. SHARE- as usual, share on your Facebook profile about the event, tell your friends about My Little Pixies via Twitter, email, blogs, whatever. Because I'm doing a daily giveaway week and I don't want to be perceived by all your friends on Facebook as annoying, you can only get credit for sharing TWO times during the week- so choose carefully which days you want to share. :)
3. Take the leap and make a PURCHASE from my shop. Anyone who purchases during this week will receive an extra TWO entries into EVERY giveaway you enter for the rest of the week (I've got a list going!) Use the coupon code "anniversary" to save 10%. I have activated this coupon code on my Etsy site and on my own website- though the selection is much more comprehensive on
4. REFER a friend to:
-Join my Facebook page: make sure they tell me you sent them! (1 extra entry for them, 1 extra entry for you)
-Make a purchase from my shop: tell them to leave your name in the "special instructions" field so I can track your entries! (1 extra entry for them- plus the two entries they get for making  a purchase, and 1 extra entry for you)
5. If you have purchased from my shop before, leave me a (nice hopefully :)) REVIEW- either on my Facebook page or on my new website  (earn up to 2 entries on the contest day in which you enter the reviews if you leave one in both places).


  1. Kim ( 2, 2011 at 5:12 AM

    Love the butterflies...they are so festive for this time of year!!!!

    I commented on FB also

  2. Allison would love more butterflies! :)

  3. I LOVE the butterflies!!! if i could i would have one in every color!!

    I commented on facebook too :)

  4. Love the pink and silver headband so unique!

  5. pretty! I love butterflies!
    Erin Noie

  6. Would be perfect for all my girls! We love butterflies!

  7. Love the butterflies!! So cute.

  8. I love love love that tie dye butterfly! I am already a fan on FB :) and tried VERY hard to place an order yesterday but PayPal wasn't going for it!

  9. These are so cute, I also shared on FB.