Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winner Announced: Triple Felt Rosette Headband in Caribbean Sunset

‎*Update! I noticed a boo-boo I made in calculating the entries, so I had to redo the draw to include every entry- so this week there are TWO winners! Congratulations to Bethany Pearson (entry number 60 out of a correct total of 81 entries), AND Meghan Catalano, the two winners of the week! :)

Congratulations to entry #48 (out of 79 total), Meghan Catalano, who is's pick this week to receive the beautiful headband pictured below! :) Congratulations, Meghan! :)
If you didn't win, but feel like you can't live without this headband- it is available on my website at a 20% discount TODAY only. Follow this link to the discounted listing or you will also find it on the very front page of

Thanks for playing, everyone! Stay tuned for more next week. :)

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