Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anniversary Week Giveaways: Day Three- Posies (Pixie and Posh!)

Today's giveaway centers around two of the styles that have become some of the "core" sellers for me- the "pixie" (crocheted) and "posh" (satin and/or organza) posies! Pictured below is what one lucky winner will receive! Since I'm running a little late this morning (having decided to actually sleep past 5am today in the interest of not throwing anyone in this house out a window :))- I will keep this giveaway open an hour later tonight- it will close at 11pm EST instead of 10pm.

Without further ado, I present today's package:
 It consists of a sampling of my most popular styles, made in several new designs, so that even those of you who have "everything" will still find something new here! The picture above does not do it justice because I am simply not a good enough photographer to capture all of those items in the same picture with the appropriate definition, exposure, light balance, etc. So here are the individual shots that show it much better.
 One Purplicious Posh Posy in layers of violet, lavender, and white, with an opaque white pearl bead in the center.
 This posy can and will be attached to a headband if the winner desires.
 One Medium "Caribbean Sea" Pixie Posy-
 One pair of small Posh Posies in Celery Green- I wanted to choose a color that could cross over from little girls all the way up to moms. I love the petal arrangement in these posies for both myself and my daughter!
 One pair of small Pixie Posies in Summer Watermelons. I've been saving these for this event because I love them so much!
A set of two Baby Posh Posy Snap Clips in hot pink and yellow- perfect for babies with that just-barely-there hair- and a wonderful baby shower gift for mom-to-be!

That's it, folks! This package, too, is worth over $30, so I'm excited for the winner! Here are your instructions for entering! Don't forget that you save 10% and receive two extra entries for every contest you enter this week by making a purchase from either my website or my Etsy store!

1. COMMENT, either on my blog, or on the album posted on Facebook (this is required so I can find you if you win); if you enter on the blog, please leave an email address.
2. SHARE- as usual, share on your Facebook profile about the event, tell your friends about My Little Pixies via Twitter, email, blogs, whatever. Because I'm doing a daily giveaway week and I don't want to be perceived by all your friends on Facebook as annoying, you can only get credit for sharing TWO times during the week- so choose carefully which days you want to share. :)
3. Take the leap and make a PURCHASE from my shop. Anyone who purchases during this week will receive an extra TWO entries into EVERY giveaway you enter for the rest of the week (I've got a list going!) Use the coupon code "anniversary" to save 10%. I have activated this coupon code on my Etsy site and on my own website- though the selection is much more comprehensive on http://www.mylittlepixies.com4. REFER a friend to:
-Join my Facebook page: make sure they tell me you sent them! (1 extra entry for them, 1 extra entry for you)
-Make a purchase from my shop: tell them to leave your name in the "special instructions" field so I can track your entries! (1 extra entry for them- plus the two entries they get for making  a purchase, and 1 extra entry for you)
5. If you have purchased from my shop before, leave me a (nice hopefully :)) REVIEW- either on my Facebook page or on my new website  (earn up to 2 entries on the contest day in which you enter the reviews if you leave one in both places).


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