Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WINNER Announced: Giveaway Day Two!

Congratulations to entry #60, Amber Cicchillo- you are today's winner! You win the variety package pictured below, and I will be in touch tonight for your requests for the headband sizes.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful participation so far this week- especially with the blog not working right today- I am hoping that will be cleared up tomorrow! It is so encouraging to me to read your comments (I really do read them all :)). The community that has formed around all this is one of my very favorite things about doing it, and I wish I could send so many of you free stuff to say thank you for being so instrumental in my life... but since I can't do that, I'm having fun with these giveaways this week, and hopefully you are too. :)

A few of the items posted tonight are new for my shop. Here are the links to them. 

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