Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anniversary Week Giveaways: Day Two- Carolyn's Collection and Felt Flowers!

Today's giveaway features a really fun section of my shop: "The Carolyn Collection." One of my very favorite things about the past year is the amazing artisans I've come to "know" (at least across our computer screens :)) who work the "supply" side of this business. It became pretty obvious to me (and my family!) fairly early on that there is no way I would ever be able to keep up with the amount of variety I wanted to carry if I did every single item from first stitch to final attachment. And so I started looking for others who have found their niche making applique, and began buying gobs of it wherever I could find someone who made products that reflected who I am as a mom and as an accessories maker.

I have fallen in love with the many different appliques that make up Carolyn's Collection (which I named for my oldest daughter)- and it was hard for me to narrow down the competition to complete today's package! But somehow I did it... and without further rambling, here is the package I'm offering as today's giveaway.
 It includes...
 One rolled felt rosette sparkle headband in sky blue and white with a navy blue band, awesome with those summer denim outfits!
 One (NEW!) felt fairy clip- I custom ordered this fairy to be made to look a little like Tinkerbell! A seriously revered pixie around here. :)
 One "Emma" felt flower clip in moss green. I included this more "adult" color because these clips are actually MY favorites to wear. I have the flowers in so many different colors I can nearly always make one to match my outfit, and I think the style looks just as good on me as it does on my daughters.
 One (NEW!) Tiny Sparkle Posy clip in aqua with crystal (you can request it without the crystal if you prefer). This is a new item I've been meaning to post for awhile now; these petite crocheted flowers are attached to tiny snap clips, which are simply perfect for the "barely there hair" set. :) Available in a wide variety of colors. :)

One Cupcake Clippie in brown and pink- because it is my "birthday" after all. :)
And finally, I'm so excited about the new color of daisies I've just received- This picture does not do it justice (eesh, I hate when my pictures look like this... but I'll have to go with it since there's not enough light yet to take another one!)- so you'll just have to believe me that the pink is a totally brilliant, vivid magenta that is going to totally POP this summer! The flower will be available in clip and headband form, and one lucky winner will receive this one for free! :)

This package is worth over $30, so I'm excited for whoever wins it! Here's how you enter. :)

1. COMMENT, either on my blog, or on the album posted on Facebook (this is required so I can find you if you win); if you enter on the blog, please leave an email address.
2. SHARE- as usual, share on your Facebook profile about the event, tell your friends about My Little Pixies via Twitter, email, blogs, whatever. Because I'm doing a daily giveaway week and I don't want to be perceived by all your friends on Facebook as annoying, you can only get credit for sharing TWO times during the week- so choose carefully which days you want to share. :)
3. Take the leap and make a PURCHASE from my shop. Anyone who purchases during this week will receive an extra TWO entries into EVERY giveaway you enter for the rest of the week (I've got a list going!) Use the coupon code "anniversary" to save 10%. I have activated this coupon code on my Etsy site and on my own website- though the selection is much more comprehensive on http://www.mylittlepixies.com
4. REFER a friend to:
-Join my Facebook page: make sure they tell me you sent them! (1 extra entry for them, 1 extra entry for you)
-Make a purchase from my shop: tell them to leave your name in the "special instructions" field so I can track your entries! (1 extra entry for them- plus the two entries they get for making  a purchase, and 1 extra entry for you)
5. If you have purchased from my shop before, leave me a (nice hopefully :)) REVIEW- either on my Facebook page or on my new website  (earn up to 2 entries on the contest day in which you enter the reviews if you leave one in both places).


  1. Your stuff is so cute! My daughter wants to put on her daisy headband every day! I love the new color..may have to keep that one for myself if I win! Happy birthday!

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  3. I love these and don't actually have any of them yet. I also shared on FB. And I am going to place an order. It has been a while, think it is time:)

  4. Very cute, great variety in the collection!!
    Kim betser

  5. kim (katimbo@msn.com)May 31, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    super cute

  6. kim (katimbo@msn.com)May 31, 2011 at 6:17 PM

    shared on fb also

  7. What a cute fairy! I love all your creations! Winning these would be great for my little girls birthday in 2 weeks!

  8. beautiful clips & headband.

  9. Love them all...I have shared this on my FB!