Monday, May 30, 2011

Anniversary Week Giveaways: Day One- Bows

I'm so excited for the first day of my week of giveaways to celebrate the first year of My Little Pixies (which officially turns one on June 1). Each day's giveaway will feature a different section of my shop, and include items to celebrate where I've been, where I am today, and where I'm going in the future. 

Today's featured section is "Bows." This is totally fitting because that's how I got started- I began making bows for my girls when the person who made them for me went on maternity leave, and it just blossomed from there.

Today, one lucky winner will receive the set pictured above. It includes:
A pixie pink swiss dots "Carolyn" style bow (the very first bow style I learned to make!)

A pair of "Nora" bows in dark orchid and purple dots- a second style I started making because my younger daughter, Nora, just didn't look right in the bows that looked the same as her sister's! These bows are my favorites to make- which is why there are about a dozen pages of color options for this style!

"Madeline" bow in a pattern of bright butterflies- a scaled up version of the "Nora" bow, made for bigger girls, or little girls who like bigger bows!

And one of the newest style of bows- the "Rachel" bow- in a super cute jumbo dots pattern in pink, blue, and green- goes great with all the tropical stuff out for the summer.

The "Rachel" bow also comes with an interchangeable nylon headband that connects well with the alligator clips I made all these bows with- so anyone can use this set, whether it's a new baby, a toddler, or a big girl. :) Those nylon headbands are wide, soft, and stretchy- they can fit a newborn, but still stretch comfortably to fit an older baby as well- up till about 6 to 9 months or longer. [if the person who wins this set needs a larger headband, I would be happy to switch it out for a standard elastic one]

So here's how the giveaway works. I will accept entries into the giveaway from 7am until 10pm EST. A 10PM, I will go through all my entries, assign each entry a number (for example, if you earn 2 entries to the contest, you might have entry numbers 1 and 2; the next person who enters and gets 3 entries would get numbers 3, 4, and 5)- then I will use to select a winner and announce it both here on the blog and on Facebook. And tomorrow I'll post a new giveaway- tomorrow's featured section is "Carolyn's Collection and Felt Flowers."

There are several ways you can gain entries into my contest.

1. COMMENT, either on my blog, or on the album posted on Facebook (this is required so I can find you if you win); if you enter on the blog, please leave an email address.
2. SHARE- as usual, share on your Facebook profile about the event, tell your friends about My Little Pixies via Twitter, email, blogs, whatever. Because I'm doing a daily giveaway week and I don't want to be perceived by all your friends on Facebook as annoying, you can only get credit for sharing TWO times during the week- so choose carefully which days you want to share. :)
3. Take the leap and make a PURCHASE from my shop. Anyone who purchases during this week will receive an extra TWO entries into EVERY giveaway you enter for the rest of the week. Use the coupon code "anniversary" to save 10%. I have activated this coupon code on my Etsy site and on my own website- though the selection is much more comprehensive on
4. REFER a friend to:
-Join my Facebook page: make sure they tell me you sent them! (1 extra entry for them, 1 extra entry for you)
-Make a purchase from my shop: tell them to leave your name in the "special instructions" field so I can track your entries! (1 extra entry for them- plus the two entries they get for making  a purchase, and 1 extra entry for you)
5. If you have purchased from my shop before, leave me a (nice hopefully :)) REVIEW- either on my Facebook page or on my new website  (earn up to 2 entries on the contest day in which you enter the reviews if you leave one in both places).

Good luck, and I'm excited to get started with this week! Who knows how it'll go, but I'm sure it will be fun. Giving stuff away for free always is. ;)


  1. I absolutely love your bows!I haven't won a giveaway yet, so I'm sure hoping my turn comes this week! :)

  2. Always a fan of EVERYTHING in your shop!!!
    raggedybabygifts at gmail dot com

  3. shared on my FB page as jessie jones mayer
    raggedybabygifts at gmail dot com!

  4. I shared a review on your FB page!
    raggedybabygifts at gmail dot com

  5. Love this sweet giveaway!!

    Shanna Uptergrove~ shanna.u at

  6. Kim ( 30, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    Love the giveaways today...very cute!!!

    I posted on FB also....

  7. Love this combo! We use the nylon headbands all the time.

  8. Love your bows! Have purchased several for my niece- so adorable!!

  9. I am literally laughing out loud right now because I have the same background for my blog!! :) I am totally thinking we would be GOOD friends if we lived closer! Crafty minds think alike right? ;) Thanks again for participating in my giveaway - it's set to start on Wednesday, so be ready for your page to be bombarded with new fans. :)

  10. I love all of your hair items, they are so beautiful and work well for any age. ;)

  11. Oh your creativity produces such beautiful products!