Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Details: Anniversary Week of Giveaways

So I'm sooo excited about this week coming up! I've been working through ideas in my head for awhile now, and I can't wait to share it all with you! :) Here's how the week will work.

Each morning, Monday through Friday, I will make a post here on my blog, and create an album on my Facebook page with the Giveaway of the Day. Because I'm all about commemorating things, each day will highlight a section of my shop, and the items given away will correspond to sharing where we've been in the past year, where we are today, and where we are going. Each giveaway will consist of several items, and the value of each giveaway will be considerably higher than what I typically do for weekly giveaways, so you won't want to miss them! All the giveaways will have "something for everyone," no matter what age the winner's child is! At least one of the items in each giveaway will include a headband for interchanging with clips, so don't worry if your baby doesn't have hair!

Here's the breakdown for what I'm planning:
-Monday: Bows- including a sampling of all the different bow styles I make
-Tuesday: Carolyn's Collection and felt flowers
-Wednesday: Posies- including both pixie posies and posh posies
-Thursday: Butterflies
-Friday: Fancy headbands

I will be doing a slightly different entry process than I typically do with several more ways to gain entries. Here are the ways you enter to win.
1. COMMENT, either on my blog, or on the album posted on Facebook (this is required so I can find you if you win)
2. SHARE- as usual, share on your Facebook profile about the event, tell your friends about My Little Pixies via Twitter, email, blogs, whatever. Because I'm doing a daily giveaway week and I don't want to be perceived by all your friends on Facebook as annoying, you can only get credit for sharing TWO times during the week- so choose carefully which days you want to share. :)
3. Take the leap and make a PURCHASE from my shop. Anyone who purchases during this week will receive an extra TWO entries into EVERY giveaway you enter for the rest of the week. Use the coupon code "anniversary" to save 10%. I have activated this coupon code on my Etsy site and on my own website- though the selection is much more comprehensive on
4. REFER a friend to:
-Join my Facebook page: make sure they tell me you sent them! (1 extra entry for them, 1 extra entry for you)
-Make a purchase from my shop: tell them to leave your name in the "special instructions" field so I can track your entries! (1 extra entry for them- plus the two entries they get for making  a purchase, and 1 extra entry for you)

**Please do note- while I find it totally impossible to predict how busy I will be or how many people will actually order during an event like this- judging by past response, I expect that I will be pretty busy this week. IF you have a time concern or an event that you need your items for, please choose Priority or Urgent shipping, or make a notation or send me an email so that I know to expedite your order. I will still be trying to get everything out within a week, but depending on volume, some orders, particularly larger ones, may take a bit longer**

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