Friday, April 29, 2011

New This Week (week of April 25)

I had a nice pace this week- not too crazy- I got a decent amount of sleep every night and did fun things with my kids. And I made something new every day, which keeps me happy and charged up and still loving what I'm doing. Here are the highlights. You can find all of this week's new items here under my "New This Week" category, but these are my favorites from the week

Black and white felt daisy clip and headband. I love how these fluffy felt flowers look. I now have them in several different colors, and each one makes me happy. :) More new colors are coming soon. :)
I got in a bunch of new felt colors for "Emma" felt flower clips and headbands- I especially liked this golden yellow. :)
I had a custom request this week for a navy and white flower, and was really excited to use some of the custom-made fabric button centers I ordered months ago. I love the subtle pattern of the flower in the middle of the posy. :) I have several more of that button, so I decided to list this flower in my shop because I like it so much. :)
I got some new ribbon colors for "Hailey" and "Hannah" headbands, and love the weaving together of black, brown, gold, purple, pink, and charcoal in this really fun flower that I just love for moms!
I made a lot of new butterflies this week- it's the "season" for them- but I think my favorites are the "Summer Love" butterflies I made in clips and a headband.
Or, maybe it was the Cute Cowgirl large butterfly I made today... I really can't decide. :)

That's it. :) Stay tuned for giveaway announcement on Monday- it'll be a quick one, wrapping up on Tuesday instead of Wednesday because we leave town on Wednesday. But it's for something good, so you don't want to miss it. :)

And now I'm off to have my toenails painted with this little sweetie. :) Happy weekend!

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