Monday, April 4, 2011

Ready to Roll

I'm a excited and a little verbose this morning, so if you want me to just get to the point without having to read all that writing below- use the coupon code "grandopening" at my new website at for FREE SHIPPING on ANY order! Coupon code is good through Wednesday night at 10pm EST.

Today's my big "launch" day! is ready to roll! I'm a little nervous about it- couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. Will enough people follow the new site? I mean, I love it, but what if people are just more comfortable with Etsy than they are with an external site? Or, what will I do if TOO many people join me on the new site?! This is a huge milestone for my business and I'm simultaneously thrilled and terrified! But overall, I think the "thrilled" wins out. I'm just excited to be doing what I'm doing and sharing with the world. My parents always instilled an appreciation for excellence in me growing up, and even still, I take great pride in making whatever I am doing the very best it can be. The new website is a fantastic representation of that endeavor because it truly is excellent in every sense of the word. I can say that without avarice because I didn't do the majority of the footwork in making is as brilliant as it is- I paid a wonderful company to design it for me, so I just get to enjoy the fruit of their labor and bask in the reflected glow of their excellence.

However, that's not to deny the MANY hours I have spent over the past week or so painstakingly entering hundreds of listings into the new format. It has been a huge time investment for me, but one that I sincerely hope will pay off in the future because now that it's done- it's really DONE! And if it actually works the way I hope it will, I will be freed from the constant companionship of my computer because I will no longer have to monitor listings to make sure they're not sold out (as I had to do on Etsy). I will just be able to focus on my real life, and on making the pretty things I truly love making.

So here's to a new journey! Welcome,! I'm so excited to see you!! :)

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