Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grand Opening Special

It's almost here! The grand opening of is coming up on MONDAY! Eek! I hope I'm ready in time! I will be working feverishly on getting all my listings up and ready to go in time for the grand opening. But I wanted to tell you all a few things about the new site that really make me excited for the change. So without further ado, here are my Top Ten favorite things about

  1. FLEXIBLE listings that allow for input from YOU! Most categories now have a “Your Choice” listing that enables you to put in your selection for color, headband size or clip style, and more! Check out this listing for a great example:
  2. It’s MINE! Which means that I can entirely control the content and style of the site. :) This enables me to make the site exactly what works for me and for my clients. I love being personally connected with my clients, and having my own site facilitates that. I am sure I will learn a lot the first few weeks of being on my own site, and it will continue to become an even better place to shop!
  3. Fabulous CUSTOM Request tool. I have had a special tool custom-designed for my website to enable clients to input their custom requests. It’s a user-friendly way to give me all the information I need to start on your custom order. You can see the link for “Custom Orders” at the top of my site, or check it out here:
  4. No more quantity limitations! You can now purchase as many of each item as you like (though in the case of limited edition items, I will only have the number available that I am able to make) and it is as simple as inputting the quantity desired into the “cart."
  5. Gift Registry option! When you browse through the site, you will have the opportunity to add your favorite items into a “gift registry” which you can share with others. This is so perfect for moms-to-be! You can add the styles you like best to your registry so your baby shower guests know what to get for you!
  6. Seasonal categories. I can now put a listing into more than one category- so in the “Seasonal” section, you’ll find my favorite listings for whatever holiday is coming up. For example, you can see selections for “Easter” here:
  7. Flat Rate Shipping! Because I will no longer have to pay Etsy’s per-transaction and per-listing fees, I will now be able to offer flat rate shipping at $2.50 per order, regardless of size. :) I’ve always wanted my shipping charge to be in line with how much it actually costs to ship something, so this will be a nice way of doing that. :)
  8. Gift Certificates will soon be available! I’m still working the kinks out of the system, but it’s coming. A great gift idea for the person who has everything. :)
  9. Payment is easy, breezy, and made securely without ever having to expose your personal information, or any need to create yet another website sign-on. Paypal facilitates the payment system, but you still do not have to have a Paypal account to pay. I have tested the system myself this week and paid with no trouble with a credit card without signing in to Paypal. 
  10. Professional, user-friendly interface with much easier shopping and browsing than I had on Etsy. You will find my shop divided into similar categories for the main styles (Bows, Pixie Posies, Headbands, etc)- but beneath each main heading will be several sub-headings for the individual styles available, each with an example picture of that style, so you can locate what you’re looking for within seconds.
Oh, and don't forget to input the coupon code grandopening into your shopping cart starting on Monday morning through Wednesday at 10pm EST for FREE SHIPPING on any order! 

(note, if I end up with the type of response that is possible given my past experiences with running specials, processing times will likely be a bit longer than normal).

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